Founded in 1959, National Semiconductor Company of the United States is a well-known manufacturer of analog and mixed signal semiconductors and a pioneer in the semiconductor industry. The company is headquartered in California, USA. National Semiconductor Company is committed to using first-class analog and digital technology to create high integration solutions for the information age. It has a global production network, with chip manufacturing plants in Texas, Maine and Scotland, inspection centers and assembly plants in Malaysia and Singapore, and a total of about 11000 employees. The company's products have been widely used in computers, computer peripherals, communications and consumer electronics. The main products are amplifiers, comparators, display circuits, interface circuits, sensors and other general analog circuits, automotive circuits, microprocessors and military aviation products. Facing the reality of the rapid development of Internet, NS company began to adjust its strategy in 1996, focusing on the design and production of information tools. For this reason, a series of internal adjustments have been made in the national semiconductor company. At present, NS company is focusing on integrating the advanced circuit technology required by the real system into one chip, including interface, wireless technology, display scheme and other analog functions such as power management.